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The Falcon Clinic for Health, Wellness and Recovery is committed to delivering the best quality health care to you and your loved ones. We integrate osteopathic medical philosophy and treatment with the finest in modern medical care to bring you a unique medical experience. Our holistic approach acknowledges that the body has it’s own inherent ability to heal itself, that structure and function are interdependent, and that the body continually strives to reach it’s best level of functioning or homeostasis. Any medical intervention should, at best, assist in the body’s natural ability to heal itsel, while medications may be necessary for various conditions or illness.

Please take a moment to explore the wide variety of resources on this website including answers to questions you may have about our clinic, an informational blog, and important forms you may need.

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Mantis And The Mole

The Mantis & The Mole By Richard Chmielewski

ER had been Dr. Sam Petrie's specialty, and his love... until....
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Swine Flu Pandemic Informational Video

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Mantis And The Mole

Information on the Benefits of Osteopathy

What is Osteopathy and how can it benefit your health?
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