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Center For Disease Control ALERT: The H1N1 Influenza Infection

The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, has issued an alert regarding Influenza infections for 2013-2014. Please click here for the complete CDC alert.

The Falcon Clinic is firmly committed to keeping the public vaccinated in order to minimize the severity and number of people infected with influenza, and especially the H1N1 strain ( "swine flu"), which will be attacking young and middle aged people, as it did disproportionately in 2009. This H1N1 strain was responsible for many deaths in infants, small children and otherwise very healthy young adults.

We at the Falcon Clinic still have some doses of influenza vaccine. Please consider getting vaccinated, if you haven't already. Walk-ins are also welcome as long as our supply of influenza vaccine lasts.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the influenza vaccine, and immunizations in general. As with any medication, vaccine, medical or surgical product there are risks and benefits. Any medication will have scary side effects--just look at the size of the large book, the "Physician's Desk Reference," which is essentially a compilation of possible side effects of medications. It doesn't mean that you will get those side effects. This is the same with any chemical (be it herbal or a vitamin). Anything can either help or hurt you--it's all a 'crap shoot,' about risk and benefit. If the benefit outweighs the possible risk, then you decide to take it. Remember, even water has side effects (thousands drown every year, even in a few inches of water in a bath tub!).

In 2009 we had quite a number of young people in the Utica/ Upstate New York area on respirators, in the ICU, and even deaths. I am reminded of a mid-20's young man and also a 49-year-old mother with a family, who developed severe respiratory complications from the H1N1 influenza and eventually died. They were otherwise completely healthy.

Please don't let this happen to you or your loved ones. And if you care about your neighbors, please get vaccinated against influenza so that you don't get sick and transmit the virus to others, including me and my family and my friends (especially those that also decided to not get vaccinated for various reasons, many of which I consider misguided or uninformed).

Again, please consider getting vaccinated--contact the Falcon Clinic to get your influenza vaccine today. Walkins are welcome as long as our vaccine supply lasts.

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