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The FALCON CLINIC is offering COVID-19 Testing, Telehealth Treatment, and Post-Covid Syndrome Treatment ( the “Longhaulers”)

Learn More about the Protocols used at the Falcon Clinic for TREATMENT OF COVID-19


TELEMEDICINE – at the Falcon Clinic

The coronavirus, or Covid-19, pandemic has by necessity pushed medical offices into the 21st century, allowing patients to continue with treatment or consultation, in many cases, via the technical developments of TELEMEDICINE.

The Falcon Clinic is accepting appointments, via telemedicine ( video and audio visits in real time), for treatment, advice, review of tests, etc. New patients interested in establishing primary care treatment , Hepatitis C treatment, or chemical dependency treatments ( such as narcotics or alcoholism) , or our counseling services with the Falcon Clinic can also call for appointment and consultation.

We continue to see patients, by appointment only, for osteopathic manipulative treatment, physical diagnosis , immunizations ( e.g influenza, tetanus or TDaP) and therapeutic injections for bursitis/ tendonitis and trigger point injections. We also offer continued Sublocade and Vivitrol injections for our patients through appointment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our office policy is to limit exposure to others in our waiting room. Please be punctual to your visit so as not to spend unnecessary time in othe waiting room. We disinfect the exam/ treatment tables after each use. Our doctors, nurses and staff all follow the CDC guidelines to minimize exposure to any germs including bacteria, fungus, and viral pathogens including the influenza, parainfluenza and Covid-19 virus.

To schedule a TELEMEDICINE conference call please call 315-507-4751. You will be directed to download the Zoom application to your smart phone, iPad, or computer.

You can get instructions at: www.zoom.us/download
and click on: