Welcome to Falcon Clinic


Would you like to work in a truly holistic, patient oriented medical practice?

The Falcon Clinic for Health, Wellness and Recovery is presently interviewing prospective candidates for the following positions:

Medical Assistant

Previous experience in nursing as RN or LPN or CNA preferred. Part- and full-time positions.

Medical Massage Therapist

Previous experience working with patients with various medical problems preferred. Part-time positions.

We provide “cross over” training for Medical Assistants who , in conjunction with our physicians, will interview, examine and commence workup on patients with routine medical issues as seen in a general medical office, but also patients who need intervention/ treatment for Hepatitis C, opioid addiction and other substance abuses such as smoking cessation and alcoholism and weight loss.
As trained specialists in Osteopathic Medicine, our physicians will also apply the concepts of osteopathic medicine to holistically treat many medical conditions and most musculoskeletal problems such as headaches, neck and low back pain, shoulder and knee problems, plantar fasciitis, sciatica and more.

Visit the Services section of the website to view what we offer. Our blog also has a slide show, “Down and Dirty Osteopathy” which gives a thumbnail overview of osteopathic philosophy and techniques.

For an appointment for interview, please contact us via email or contact the office directly at 315-507-4751

An attached CV ( curriculum vitae) would be appreciated.