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Telemedicine Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

The Falcon Clinic is now accepting appointments for Telemedicine consultations for treatment of COVID-19.

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There are three protocols for the use of medications ( including IVERMECTIN)  for the following: 

  2.  Significant Exposure to someone with COVID-19, either a positive PCR test and/or signs and symptoms of active COVID-19 infection
  3.   Request for prophylaxis against the risk of getting COVID-19 exposure and/or infection.


In order to make an appointment for a Telemedicine consultation with one of our physicians: 

  1. Call the Falcon Clinic at 315-507-4751
  2. You will be registered into our system and sent an email on steps, which only take a few minutes, to enter your health information into our system.  This will include your allergies, medications, past medical history, past surgeries, etc.  We need to review this information prior to your Telemedicine appointment.
  3.  Please connect with the Telemedicine link you are sent, about 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment, and the consultation will begin.
  4. Because of the volumes of patient requests,  and the importance of each consultation, we ask you to please learn, practice and review your own connecting to Zoom via your phone or computer ahead of time. This will prevent delays and interference with the quality of your appointment time.

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